Impact Investment to Accelerate Climate Solutions

Virya, LLC invests nimbly in ventures with high potential impact on eliminating global greenhouse gas emissions or sequestering CO2. We invest across electricity, industry, agriculture, and waste systems. Our hope is to find things that wouldn’t happen nearly as fast without our investment, and to get involved as a supportive partner of each company – helping to tell its story or raise future investment rounds. We accept high risk and we vet each company with a focus on whether, if proven and scaled, it could achieve at least a gigaton of emissions impact per year in the next couple decades.

Portfolio Companies

Sage Geosystems – 24/7 renewable electricity at competitive costs; geothermal power plants that don’t need to be sited near volcanoes; re-employing fossil fuel workers to drill for clean energy

ThorCon – 4th gen nuclear power plants mass-manufactured in shipyards to provide the lowest cost energy in the world, all the time and in any region

Proton Power Inc and Resilient Energi – turning waste biomass (sustainable forestry scraps, crop residues, even municipal solid waste) into graphene-quality biochar and carbon-neutral diesel

Origen – production of lime for industry with 100% carbon capture, in a system that can eventually be repurposed to capture billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere


Solomon Goldstein-Rose
Solomon was the youngest Massachusetts legislator 2017-19. More recently he synthesized a framework on global climate change solutions in his book, The 100% Solution: A Plan for Solving Climate Change.
Chris Anderson
Chris is known for his leadership of the TED organization, which recently created the global COUNTDOWN climate change initiative. Through the Audacious Project, Chris has raised over $1 Billion for impact-driven projects.
Juan Enriquez
Juan is the managing director of Excel Venture Management, and helped found Synthetic Genomics. A biotech expert and futurist, Juan is the author of Right/Wrong: How Technology Transforms Our Ethics.
Stephen Petranek
Stephen is the editor of Breakthrough Technology Alert and former editor of Discover magazine and other national magazines. He brings to Virya his expertise on analyzing and writing about emerging and future technologies.